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November 15 2014

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klaus + smirking (part 1)

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Alias,kudos for my bestest friend *_______*

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November 14 2014

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November 12 2014

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Sam Claflin and Natalie Dormer visited the BuzzFeed UK office on Monday. [GIFS MADE BY BUZZFEED]

November 10 2014

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November 08 2014

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November 07 2014

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Natalie Dormer | Glamour UK, December 2014 (x)

November 04 2014

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I’m not being sad,I’m being tormented.And haunted…How do people move on?I see people move on from harder things that I’m facing.How are they doing this?I’m running everywhere,and fall out of nowhere and then I’m back at the beginning:all in pain.There is something wrong with my being,why there had been so long and I’m still stuck with the ache from the very first moment?
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